Εργαστήρια / Workshops

Prof. Damianos Konstantinidis

The stage director and the text

Prof. Xenofon Bitsikas & Prof. Polyxeni Mantzou

Wild things


Prof. Walter Omar Kohan

Is it possible to make school through (virtual) Philosophy and (virtual) Art?

Prof. Elena Theodoropoulou

Teaching through materials: the "impossible" gesture of de-normativization

Παρουσιάσεις / Presentations

Nathalie Portas

Philosophy for teenagers as a part of compulsory education in France

Oscar Lorca

The problem of self-realization in John Dewey's early writings

Maricela Pérez López

Indigenous education in Mexico

Giovânia Costa

Between sensorimotor and attention: a possibility of new sensory impressions

Daniel Gaivota

Directions, paths and choices: to enlarge the surface of movement

Konstantinia Antoniou

Homelessness through Interpretative Phenomenological Analysis prism

Eleni Tziora

The fragility of the world in Hannah Arendt's political thought

María José Carrasco Zavala

Thinking about the teacher ethics with Bernard Williams and Stanley Cavell

Jian Ding

Three propositions of Marxist educational thought

Sotirios A. Bardas

Debating Values in the Classroom

Eleni Eirini Chronopoulou

The Latent Curriculum: Tracing terms and definitions

Evi Dimitropoulou

Multimedia Project Antigone: Plan for an ongoing performance on the teen...

Elena Nikolakopoulou

The hidden weaving of concepts in the thought of Elena Theodoropoulou

Εugenia Patta

Philosophical elements in the structure of the graphic novel: the case/example of Art Spiegelman's «Maus»


Organization & Scientific Responsibility: Prof. Elena Theodoropoulou *** Evaluation Commitee: Professors Edwige Chirouter, Roberto Frega, Walter Omar Kohan, Evelia Mejia, Didier Moreau, Alexandros Theodoridis, Elena Theodoropoulou


Doctoral Students Seminar II 2020-2021 Programme

2nd Doctoral Students Seminar, 2020-2021: Snapshots
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